Week One – Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Oudi Wan, and I am the first year grad student in the area of metalsmithing. I born and grew up in Wuhan, China.  And I just finished my undergraduate study on June, in Nova Scotia college of Art and Design University in Halifax, Canada, and my major is also jewelry design and metalsmithing.

I own a wall in the living room that has been gradually covered up by my awarded painting as I grew up. It witnesses my art spark as well as substantiates my persistent pursuit of art. When I studied in the Brookfield High School in canada, my art teacher spotted my artistic potential and encouraged me to utilize it, which propelled me to study Jewelry Design in Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. During the past four years, I dedicated efforts in the study and was rewarded with good scores in the courses like Jewelry Design, Metalsmithing, Enamel, and Stone Setting. Meanwhile, I carried out some designing projects. The stone inlaid ring, enamel bracelet and necklace, silver teapot, and other pieces of works standing on the showcase in exhibition delivered a message: I hold genuine interest in jewelry design and metalsmithing and yearn for elevating myself into the next level.

I want to show you guys two themes of my work in my last year study in NSCAD. The first theme of my set work is about Silk Road. The intention of my work is to create a series of jewelry pieces about the Silk Road. I am interested in telling stories with my jewelry pieces. My pieces are focusing on the exchange of goods and culture from 5 different countries through the Silk Road. I described my countries pieces  from a Chinese perspective, and each country has a symbolic object to show on the map. I chose many different materials for my work that relate to the countries such as metal, wood, resin, silk and organic objects. I chose to use fabrication techniques to create the pieces with the layers and structural forms I felt were appropriate for the designs. One of the aspects that I love about making jewelry is the process of working with fine details.

The inspiration of the second theme of my set work is from the Canyons in Arizona, United States. After photographing these magnificent canyons, I developed sketches to use as the foundation for my designs. I intend to show the natural form so it seemed appropriate to use a natural material such as wood as the main material in my series. All the forms are built using different thickness of wood. I glued them together and them sanded them round.

Below is the silver teapot and enamel necklaces that I made.

This is my first time in Madison, I am so excited, also a little bit nervous haha. And I bring my daughter together with me, she is a one and a half years old Corgi! Hope we will have fun in Madison, nice to see you all!!💛 ❤️ 💙


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