Week Three



As time goes by, the third week almost past away after backing to school. This week I got the second studio meeting with Bill and Jonathan. It was amazing to see their previous art works and their process of new project in printmaking and furniture area. (It is so nice that our three studios are in the same building and the same floor, so we do not have to walk to another building hahaha…)

This week, I finished my first pewter mug and learnt how to make rubber mould for casting objects with pewter. And I had a wonderful time to drink beer using our mugs  with my pewtersmithing classmates and our instructor- Jeffery in a bar. That was a incredible experience! We talked about lives and a little bit critique of our mugs in this class after class party. Below are my mug and others students’ mugs in the bar.


This week, my professor Jeffery told us that new grad students should be done seven jewelry pieces in one week. To be honest I was freaking out when I heard this, and Jefferey let us to chill out hahaha… in the beginning of my work, I am thinking about play with different materials. Combine cheap materials with expensive material together in one piece. For example, I found color tissue paper and and shrink plastic in the dollar store, and I tried to manage, to be precise- played them into different ways. For instance, I used the heat gun to heat the shrink plastic, and observe the changing of forms. Used the scissors to cut the color tissue paper, found a shape that can combine with metals concordantly. Thinking about make them into brooches and rings. I will find more different materials, for examples wood, clay, resin to figure out how to connect them with metal. I might get some idea for my future theme artwork from these process.

I want to introduce a South Korea jewelry artist to you guys, her name is Heejoo Kim. I am very interested in the idea of her artwork. The area she is interested in is to make audiences take a look, through her work, at the emotions we feel and we know but do not recognize. The interest in huge themes such as life and death blooms through the encounters with microscopic and unfamiliar things that are hidden in the familiarity around us. She intend to share such reasoning through emotions with her viewers. The process putting metal layers on the object carved out of wax in a bath by electro-forming means life creation. Thickness of piled layers represents time, and colors mainly expressed in her works mean accumulation of time. Through this process, her works are born with powerful vitality beyond the flow of time.


Here is her website: http://heejookim.com 


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