Week Four


This is an unforgettable week! Firstly, I got the third studio meeting with Gaby and Roberto. Gaby showed us the process of her painting work which is amazing, and Roberto showed us his incredible art works when he had done in undergraduate school.

Secondly, I visited a show in Gallery 7 in Humanities Building on Monday evening. The show’s name is Industrial Garden, and the artist name is Aris Hu, who is an art student from sculpture area. She used iron gauze to make flowers’ shape, and also put colors on them. She made a bunch of flowers and put them together to present a garden’s view. She also made grass and stones by different materials. They look amazing.

For the Pewtersmithing class of this week, I learnt how to make rubber moulds and casting with pewter. I made a mould with an eye-drop bottle. It was cast successfully. And Jeffery told us we can use other people’s moulds to cast pieces, and put them together, the stranger the better. I cast an elephant by marsh’s rubber mould, and an oyster, a cup holder also my eye-drop bottom combining them together to a spoon. Below is my strange work, but I like it so much.


The most unforgettable experience in this week is that, Laurie Beth lead us to visit EXPO CHGO in Chicago on Friday. This is really a great show that we can see a lot of fantastic art works from different art area. One of the work let me impressive is that, there are two wax figures, one is a woman closes her eyes and sits on a stool, another is a man sleeps on the floor, they really look like real people. My favorite work is the series work called Aggregation by a Korean artist Chun Kwang Young. These are artworks by mixed media with Korean mulberry paper. The artworks were made up of small, triangular objects: pieces of Styrofoam neatly wrapped in mulberry paper and tied with thin strings. The artist’s choice of mulberry paper is crucial, for this material is profoundly important to Korean culture. And the artist made them into different colors and patterns which look really shocking and impressive. I am very interested in his works, and I also search his more works on the website, and getting know more about him. He said that: Every piece of information is the end product of a struggle for hegemony, as well as an accumulation of human experience. Another work that I think interesting are the lamps by Sebastian Errazuriz. They are the lamps with hens and birds’ figures, the bulbs instead of their heads which are unique.

Thanks for Laurie Beth gave me this experience of visiting EXPO CHGO, I really enjoyed the show. Hope I can get some inspiration from those artworks!

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