Week Five

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Every week I have to sign the speed of time. The fifth week, I had the studio visiting with Lesley and Conley. I was so appreciate to see their creative works in the studio. We talk about our present  artwork and give suggestions for each other. What impressed me is that Lesley’s studio is not like a new grad’s studio, it seems like she had already be here for a long time. Both of Lesley and Conley’s stuffs in the studio are organized, especially Lesley arranges her studio the same as her room which is nice.

My works from last week are about finding different materials (tissue paper, shrink plastic, acrylic and so on), thinking about how to combine them with metal. This week, I have a new idea about working with acrylic. I just curious what will the acrylic change if I heating its surface by torch or heat gun. I tried , and I am very satisfied with the reaction. After heating the acrylic, the surface will get a lot of bubbles which is interesting. The length of time determines how many bubbles will it have. I really like the matt surface after heating it. Sometimes it will turn black if overheat the acrylic. And I really like the texture presents on the surface, it is very natural, that is the reason why I am satisfied. There is another reason why I choose acrylic is that, when I heat it, the acrylic will get soft, so I can change its shape by myself. Sometimes, when I heat it, it will change the form naturally, it will not be turned into a specific shape or form. And it will turn into an organic shape in a very natural way. I keep this thought and made several pieces by different color’s acrylic, when I watched these colorful pieces, another idea came into my mind. Why do not think about put acrylic and oven-bake clay together to create pieces? I bought a bunch of colored oven-bake clay, and the next step is thinking about color assortment. After combining the clay and plastic, I put them into oven with 275℉ for 15 minutes per 1/4 inches. After the clay getting hard, then I can carve them into the shape that I want, it also can be filed and polished. When I got the piece, another idea came- maybe I can paint on the clay and plastic! I paint on the clay using brush with Fluid Acrylic Paint, proof by facts, the result are not bad. I am happy with it. I search a lot of abstract painting, I want to make the pieces which are inspired by abstract painting. I am so excited about that, and I have already known my direction of my artworks- creating the abstract pieces by heating acrylic and oven-bake clay which are inspired by abstract painting and color assortment.

And a jewelry artist who from Germany called Catharina Moch also inspires me. She creates flamboyant, sculptural and wearable pieces that combine ambivalent aspects of appeal and repulsion. The aesthetic qualities of her ambiguous jewelry are based on an organic form-vocabulary and the introduction of innovative materials and techniques, which she combines and contrast with her traditional goldsmithing skills.

She said that her work unsettles the borderline between beautiful and ugly in order to tease the perception of the beholder and to evoke reactions. And she finds that it is exciting and thrilling to trigger curiosity and challenge viewers to engage and discover while simultaneously leaving space for individual interpretation. She believes that provoking this playful inquisitiveness is of value to us because it stimulates and originates distinct conditions, which in turn allow for experiences that we would not be exposed to otherwise.

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