Week Six – Influences



Christine Jalio

The first artist is Christine Jalio, she is from Finland currently living and working in Lapua. Chrstine is interested in old and timeworn elements, and fascinated by people’s past and human’s emotion. Her jewelry always tells stories about human life and the mental things. Her starting point of her work is always an emotion. Christine focuses on good finishing and great skill on making the jewelry. With her work she hopes to move something inside of people, and tells the world that art has no true limits and actual rules. For my direction of my work in this semester, I want to do some abstract jewelry that tells emotional things. There is no actual meaning of my work, just showing my emotion to viewers.




Patrícia Domingues

Patrícia Domingues is a jewelry artist from Germany. She always works on a theme, and loved to find different materials and forms to express her work. Patricia wants people to look at her work as a whole and not as small collections or fragments of something. She thinks nothing is right or wrong or static in the art field. Her thinking becomes more and more abstract, she worked on lines and different shapes to show her open mind and things that have plasticity. In this semester, I work on different materials, and playing with them. Analyze those materials’ feature, and depend their ‘strength’ to try making them into different ways. Sometimes I got some accident phenomenon from these ‘exploring’ which is interesting. And I want to keep doing this way and figure out more interesting things.


Heejoo Kim

Heejoo Kim is a jewelry artist from South Korea. She is interested in the theme of life and death. And her purpose of her work is letting the audience to take a look, and feeling the emotion that we know but actually do not recognize. From her work, she put the metals together and made a few layers, she carved out of wax by electroforming, this process means life creation in her word. Thickness of layers represents time, and colors expressed in her works mean collection of time. I really like the form that she made and the color assortment of her works. Especially the layers of metal on her work, they make the piece looks richness. These works gave me some inspiration of my art work, for example the organic and ‘free’ forms, and the solid feeling of her work to me.



Heather Day

Abstract painting also influence me a lot. Heather Day lives and works in San Francisco, California. Heather makes abstract paintings that she knows and how does she feel and see in her life. She loves traveling, and she always creates her art work when she is in a trip. Heather’s pieces represent both profound and ordinary situations. I sketched a lot after seeing her works, and try to get some inspiration from the sketch. The color assortment from Day’s abstract painting also helps me a lot. And the lines by brushes and pens or others medium in her work help me to thinking about the texture in my work and design.





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