Week Seven


This is a freezing week. The leaves on trees turned into yellow, some of them had already fell down, this week lets me truly feel Winter is coming. The scenery is amazing though, I just hate the cold weather and the heavy clothes.

I had my studio visiting with Eric and Mauve this week. It was so exciting that Mauve and I both brought our corgi into studio during the visiting, these two little guys actually also had a ‘meeting’ in my studio this weekend.

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

This week, I finish my Hexagonal Vase which is the project of Pewtersmithing Class. This vase is combined with two six-side body. One is the vase body and the other is as a bottleneck. For the process of making this vase, I made a score tool which has a 60 degree angel by myself firstly. When I was making this ‘tricky’ form, I find it also needs a little bit foundation of mathematics. I measured the metal, made a model and then made two six-side cone shape, one is large and one is small. I score the lines on a pewter sheet, those lines are for folding the metal into the shape that I want. Scoring is quite a physical matter, my arms were sore when I was scoring these. After finishing scoring, I soldered this pewter guy together to as a truly six-side cone. I made another little cute six-side cone shape to as a bottle neck, and soldered these two bodies together. I designed an inclined angle at the connected part of the bottleneck and the vase body, to let it does not look too ‘hidebound’. For finishing this vase, I chose to sand the body with emery paper from 320-Grit to 1000-Grit, and high-polished the top of the vase (bottleneck). Then I used the burnisher to burnish all the edges on the vase to make the edges look shinning. I made some textures by hand using a sharp tool called centre punch, to make an effect of mat and textured surface at the connected part. The reason for that I also want to make some contrast on it. I love working with pewter somehow more than silver, copper or brass. But the only thing annoyed me is that the pewter is so soft. It is very easy to solder, but also very easy to melt and getting scratches on it. When I am soldering it, I should be very careful. the same with polishing it, it gets the scratch easily, and I feel that I need to take care of it the same way as a baby… Anyway finally finished the vase, let us celebrate…


It was a suffering week. I will have a midterm exam for a history class next week. I need to review all the content of first-half semester, go back to readings that professor gave us, and analyze some of the important masterpieces by those ancient artists. I feel nervous and uncomfortable about that, I am so bad with remembering, anyway good luck to me for the exam!




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