Week Eight


My orders finally arrived this week!! I ordered a lot of materials for exploring my work last week. Such as different kinds of plastics from San Diego, resin, dyestuff, resin mould and so on. And I also print my influence images which are the abstract paintings by Heather Day, printed them out and sticked on the wall in my studio.

This week I played with dying the resin. I drop the liquid dyestuff into resin, and observe the phenomenon on it. I also made a mould by hand with the rubber mould material, poured the resin in it and dropped the liquid dyestuff. I mixed transparent purple, transparent blue and opaque white ink in the resin. The surface presented the colors of galaxy, I was very happy about this result. I also tried to mix with different colors ink and mica powder, looking forward to seeing the effect that surprise to me. For reducing the air bubble that from mixing the resin, I used heat gun to remove the bubbles. A strange phenomenon showed that one of my pieces produces more air bubbles after using the heat gun, thousands of bubbles on the surface gave a sense of matte surface, actually I quite love this effect.

I also played with Thermo Plastic this week. Thermo plastic is a kind of plastic presented with rice appearance. When it was put into the hot water, it will turn into transparent, and became very soft. after taking it out from water, we can build it into a variety of shapes and forms. I dyed Thermo Plastic as well, and pulled plastic when it was soft. I was happy about the color texture and layers that I built on the piece, I will continue to make this series piece depending on this direction, and finding more interesting ways on playing with it.

This Saturday, I joined in Freak Fest on State Street in Madison. I brought my Corgi with my boyfriend to enjoy the spirit of Halloween. This is my first time to join in a festival after being a grad student in Madison. That is awesome to see lots of people dressed up in Halloween, the most impressive costume in my mind is a dinosaur, it looked realistic but also cute when it moved! It was really a great experience to feel the spirit in Halloween. What a wonderful weekend!!

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