Week Nine


This Saturday I went to Chicago to visit SOFA(Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design) Show!! I was so excited that I met one of my favorite jewelry artists- Aurelie Guillaume, and also took photo with her. She was also my professors’ student before in NSCAD, Canada. I also saw three of my professors’ work in the show, they are all my undergraduate school’s professors. There are a lot of amazing sculpture and jewelry work in the show, some of them gave me inspiration on my pieces.

One of the artists in SOFA called Kerry Miller, I was so impressed by her work. her work is made by mixed -media paper, the work’s name is Familiar Wild Flower. As I know about her in the show, she after many years of working in collage and mixed media, Kerry now begins to explore ways of using old, discarded books, experimenting with deconstructing and rebuild them into unique pieces. She talked about her work that “I view it as a collaboration, a partnership with past, giving new purpose to old volumes that may otherwise never see the light of day or simply end up in recycling.” (Kerry Miller)

I also saw Christine Jalio and Heejoo Kim’s work in SOFA, they are two of jewelry artists that I introduced to class in the influence presentation. I was so excited to have a chance to take a close look at their work. This is the second time to see Heejoo’s real pieces, last time was in Galerie Noel Guyomarc’H on March this year, which is a gallery in Montreal.

There are a lot of artists in SOFA that impressed to me, such as Gerit Grimm, her ceramic work Fish Head; Esther Shimazu’s Porcelain Just A Touch; Harumi Nakashima’s porcelain A Multiplying Form; Kirsten Stingle’s ceramic work Whisper; Martin Spei’s work by Epoxy and acrylic paint Artifact and so on…

It was a great experience to visit SOFA and I also had a wonderful weekend , I am so glad to see such a lot and great artists’ work from different art field in the show. Hope my jewelry work can also be put in this kind of show in one day. Below is the photo withAurelie Guillaume and the work from my three professors in my undergraduate school-NSCAD. And also others work in SOFA.

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