Week Ten


I was in pain at the first two days of this week because of catching cold on the last week in Chicago. The weather is so cold in these days, I hope that I won’t get sick again in this winter. It was a busy week, because we have a metal show for next week, we need to finish our current work and our grad students in Metals should set up the exhibition at Gallery 7 in Humanities Buildings.

This week I saw the show which is also in Gallery 7, the art work in there are all from the grad students in Wood department. I am so impressed of some of work in the show. There is a handmade guitar made of wood and metal, I think this work is by the second year grad student in Wood department, which is amazing. There also has two colored wood objects, they combined with a lot of  patterned wood sticks, and layered them together. They look solid, and letting me to have curiosity to get closer and take a look of them. There is another wood work combining with so many textured wood cubes was presented on a chair’s arm which is interesting. It looks like a wood skyscraper, and also looks like a Jenga, which is a building blocks game. Overall every work in the show is fantastic and amazing, it was a great show!!

We already set up and ready for the Metal Show in this Friday’s evening. Our five grad students in Metals had a great cooperation for preparing this show. The artwork in the show also including intro’s and the work in the Pewtersmithing class. I presented my selective mixed media pieces on the first right-side showcase. I also put my new work- Aurora Polaris Brooch in the show. It was made by colored resin and sterling silver. I mixed blue and purple dyeing ink in the crystal resin. On the top of the brooch, I put a little rubber polar bear on the resin’s surface which is presenting story of the Arctic Pole. I did not photoed the pin back part of this brooch, I will post next time. By the way, the materials of my pieces in the show are resin, clay, acrylic, acrylic paint and thermoplastic. I find joy in playing with these different materials.

I am also working on my pewter vase in this week. My plan is to make a vase which is by three components. I find the process of making this is so slow. I need to use different hammers, and many varying steel moulds to fit my vase which helping me to get the shape that I want. I hammered the vase body by round steel hammer over and over again, because I want to get the smooth surface rather than too much texture and hammer marks. I also will make two handles for this vase, and still considering about what finished for my vase. the pewter vase will due on next Thursday, hope I can finish well and get a good job on it!


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