Week Eleven – Resources


This week I did the research of two art places. One is Overture Center for the Arts, another one is MMoCA which is Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.

Overture Center for the Arts

Overture Center for the Arts is a place of the art performing center and art gallery in Madison. The center opened on September 19th, 2004. The address of it is 201 State Street, Madison. They opens at 9 AM on Monday to Friday, 11 AM on Saturday, and noon on Sunday, the building closes at 5:30PM if no evening events. Their contact way and website is below.

Contact: 608-251-4141      Website: https://www.overture.org/

Email: info@overture.org

The building also has tickets office, which is on the left side of the hobby on the first floor. People can check the current performing or upcoming events on the websites and buy the ticket online, or go to the ticket office to buy the tickets. People also can check the office hours on their website, it changes every month.

Overture Center presents more than 200 performances, art exhibitions, and educational and community events each year, it also offers a variety of venues for performances, corporate meetings, conventions, trade shows, weddings, banquets, and receptions. Overture Center has seven venues and contains four visual galleries: The largest theater in the building is Overture Hall, it has 2251 seats in it. The second biggest theater in the building is Capitol Theater, it can seat 1089 individuals. It also has a performing area called Playhouse (350 seats), Promenade Hall (300 seats), Rotunda Stage (200 seats) which is usually for the children’s performing, Wisconsin Studio and Rotunda Studio, these two venues are usually for weddings and reception, sometimes for the artist talks. The four galleries in the building are Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3 and James Watrous Gallery which is on the third floor.

When I did the research there, there was no performing in neither of the venues, and the staff did not allow me to go inside of the theaters, so unfortunately I did not take any pictures inside of the venues. I really like the viewing of from the hobby on the first floor, looking up to the rooftop. The roof is glass with the frames which looks like a spider web. When I visited Overture Center at that time, there were three exhibitions open for public in Gallery 1, Gallery 2 and Gallery 3. They are paintings, photography and the Veteran print projects.




The full name of MMoCA is Madison Museum of contemporary Art, it has a three-story glass facade “icon” on the corner of State and Henry Streets which is the museum’s main staircase, as well as its architectural landmark. Its address is 227 State Street, Madison.  They Closes on Monday, they opens noon on Tuesday-Thursday, and closes on 5 PM, on Friday noon to 8 PM and Sunday noon to 5 PM. The contact way and website is below, people can check the current exhibition and upcoming shows on the website.

Contact Number: 608-257-0158      Fax: 608-257-5722

Website: https://www.mmoca.org/

MMoCA is the city’s oldest cultural organization, it established as the Madison Art Association in 1901, in 1964, the organization leased the old Lincoln School on Lake Mendota and merged with the Madison Art Foundation to become the Madison Art Center. In 1980, the Madison Art Center moved into the Madison Civic Center, where it continued to organize and present ambitious exhibitions. In 2003, the Art Center’s name was changed to the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA). And MMoCA opened to the public on April 23, 2006, in a new facility connected to Overture Center for the Arts. ( from MMoCA’s official website: https://www.mmoca.org/about/history-and-building )

MMoCA has four gallery spaces: The State Street Gallery, the Henry Street Gallery which are on the first floor, and the main galleries are the largest exhibition space, located up the beautiful glass stairway, on the second floor. Also on the second floor, there is a New-media Gallery, which provides an immersive environment for artwork based on film or sound. MMoCA also has a rooftop sculpture garden, a restaurant called Fresco Restaurant, a 230-seat lecture hall, a children’s classroom, a museum store and a study center for drawings, prints, and photographs.

MMoCA obtains most of its funding from museum memberships, the annual Art Fair on the Square, and also private gifts and donations to the collection. So if people want to see the exhibition in it, they do not have to buy the tickets, it is free to the public.

When I did the research on MMoCA, the two galleries on the first floor were closed, they were setting up new shows at that time. But the main gallery on the second floor is opened. And it is showing an American sculptor- Joel Shapiro’s artworks, which is called The Bronzes. The third floor is the rooftop sculpture garden and the Fresco Restaurant. i really enjoyed that place.


For art students, I recommend that if we have spare time, we can visit this two art places for viewing exhibitions and performances. They are excellent places to get the inspiration for artistic creation or cultivate tastes!

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