Week Twelve

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This week is Thanksgiving week, we had a five-days break for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving for everyone!! Time pasts too fast, I was shocked by counting the left days in this semester- only two weeks left… I find I still have a lot of work have to do, that makes me anxious.

In the very beginning of this week, finally I finished my pewter vase. I considered about making handles or not for my vase, but my decision was NO HANDLES. I made a simple and pure vase, and provided some rough textures on the surface with coarse half-round file. In the critique, Jeffery asked me that am I satisfied with my work. To be honest, I am not that satisfied, because this vase was soldered by three parts, after connecting these parts, I need to hammer them into a vase shape which should be looked nice. But in the progress of doing this, I can not find a tool which can fit the shape of one part, that lead me cannot doing perfect. It is easy to see that this vase is not a whole but combining from parts. That is why I filed the surface and tried to make it even. The metal is so thin after I hammering it, so I did not file too hard. The next project is the final project for my  Pewtersmithing class, I decide to make a pewter cup set. Probably three to four cups in total in this set, that will be cool also cute haha…

In the Thanksgiving break, my aunt invited me to celebrate Thanksgiving together with her family in Chicago. She prepared a lot of delicious food, and we had a hearty dinner on Thanksgiving Day. I stayed at her house in Chicago for three days, and we bought lots of stuffs on Black Friday, that helped me to relieve the pressure from school. I saw a counter selling chocolates in the mall at that time, they looked fabulous and fantastic! Those chocolates’ shape is a variety of tools, objects and living goods which looked so real. I sighed that these chocolates were so delicate, and just could not move my steps.


This week I found a metal designer, her name is Jelizaveta Suska, I am so interested in her work. Liza was born in Latvia, her works were inspired by the fairytale Thumbelina written by Hans Christian Andersen. She also plays with different materials, such as polymer, crushed marble, titanium and so on. I like the color combination in her artwork, and also the organic and ‘freestyle’ shape, hope they can influence me a lot.

Link: jelizavetasuska.com

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