How time flies, this is the last blog post of this semester. I am so glad to know all of you. everything is new to me when I came into this little college town on September, a new country, a new environment, and a new university. But every Monday we got together like a big family made me feel warm. To be honest, at the beginning of a few weeks, I felt nervous every Monday, everybody needs to talk in the class, sharing our readings and experiences of weeks. I felt a little bit uncomfortable because of I do not like to talk in the class individually. I got used to this after few weeks, and I felt better. Thank you for letting me speak out, it is equivalent to help me overcoming an obstacle.

IMG_5730Writing blogs for this class gives me a feeling of freshness. It is a good way to get know each other. The content of other people’s blogs also give me inspiration on my artwork sometimes. I really love the studio visiting with different people in different art field every week. I can learn about other areas of art excluding Metals, and I was very enjoyed to see their amazing art works. I like hearing people’s idea about their works. I am also very enjoyed to see people’s comments in the blog after reading my blogs or studio visiting. Thank for all of your suggestions and encouragement.

My favorite thing in this class is the field trip of EXPO CHGO in Chicago. Thank you for Laurie Beth arranging this such a great experience for us in the class. And also the Korean Barbecue, that is unforgettable when twenty more people sitting together and have a dinner. I also like the faculty presentations and the dinner part every Monday night. We ate meals that students made while listening to professors’ presentations. Their experiences of creating art are helpful for me and also their answers of Laurie Beth’s questions. For example they gave us their own suggestions for us that how do we become a good grad student. Also through their presentations, I can make a decision of the professor for my independent study course.

The biggest challenge in the class for me is reading. English is not my first language, so I felt a little bit hard when I was reading those books. I tried my best to read them. My favorite one from these three books is How To See the World. This books is easier to read than the other two. Some parts in these books were interested to me, especially viewing the examples of the artists’ works from different art areas that the authors gave.  The way of doodling and writing with color pens to share our impression for the others is excellent. And it was great to hearing about other students’ thinking from reading the books, it also helps me to understand more.

Overall, I am very enjoyed this class. Thank you so much for everything in the class, also thanks for the perfect presentations of everyone did in the last class. It was a fantastic experience that we(with Bill and Marsh) did our Dialogue presentation in Chinese and English, that is unique. Looking forward  to getting us together again in the next semester. Hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas winter break!;)

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